"There Is No Word" by Tony Hoagland | #Poetry #Video | via #Vimeo

Tony Hoagland - There Is No Word [Official Video] 
from Dan Albright
on Vimeo.

THERE IS NO WORD is the official film adaptation of Tony Hoagland's poem
of the same name that explores the subtle, impossible-to-describe experience
of a good friendship changing to a mere acquaintanceship.

Videopoetry by Dan Albright and Jordan Meltzer
Original Score / Sound Design by Jordan Meltzer
Special thanks to Lucy Orich and Tropical Foods

Based on the poem "There Is No Word" by Tony Hoagland
from Poetry Magazine (July/August 2012).

Made for the 2013 Evelyn Horowitz Video Poetry Competition
at Emerson College, Boston, MA.

Featured on http://fluidraven.com/

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