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State of Cinema: Steven Soderbergh
from San Francisco Film Society
on Vimeo.

April 27, 2013
San Francisco International Film Festival

A few months ago I was on this Jet Blue coming from New York to Burbank,
and I like Jet Blue not because of the prices, but they have this terminal at JFK
that’s really nice. I think it may be the nicest terminal in the country although I have to say
of this country, if you want to see some great airports you have to go to a major city
in another part of the world—they have amazing, amazing airports, they’re incredible
and they’re quiet. You’re not being assaulted by music all the time. I don’t know when
it was decided that we all need a soundtrack everywhere we go. I was just in the bathroom
upstairs and there was a soundtrack, accompanying me at the urinal [laughter],
I don’t understand. 

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