Cubes : Huge | #mediabistroTV

In this episode of Cubes, the crew takes its first trip across the East River
to see the DUMBO digs of ad agency Huge. No, they don't live in a Disney film,
DUMBO is New York for "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass,"
meaning it's in Brooklyn.

Under that Manhattan Bridge Overpass, the mediabistro crew found the Huge folks
hiply ensconced in the same space where the cardboard box was invented.
Don't sweat it if you're not into the cardboard box 'thing.' You can enjoy the play
on words that unfolds with Huge Dogs, Huge copy machines named after Huge Dogs
and Huge conference rooms named after celebrities who are huge but not Huge.
Or you can just click on the image above to watch the picture show.

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