An Appeal from Jonathan Safran Foer - #Kickstarter

Jonathan Safran Foer, acclaimed author of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close,
Everything is Illuminated, and Eating Animals, expresses his support for BuyingPoultry.com.

Back us on Kickstarter now! http://bit.ly/BuyingPoultry

BuyingPoultry.com is a free buying guide that takes the guesswork out of finding alternatives
to factory farming.

BuyingPoultry.com will list every poultry producer and poultry certification in the United Sates
and also tell you how they treat their animals, their employees, and the environment.

BuyingPoultry.com is a labor of love, brought to you by the people at Farm Forward
with support from BLT Helps.

Join our efforts by sharing this video and backing us
on Kickstarter here: http://bit.ly/BuyingPoultry

"Drop It On The Stereo"
Written by John Sullivan, Ryan Weisberger, Kevin Pariso and Andrew Wendahl
Performed by Kid Savant
Courtesy of James Galus / DAMN! Management

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